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Reading questionnaire taken from Literary Creature's page

I spotted this questionnaire on Literary Creature's page, I hope you don't mind me pinching it! :)



1. Do you remember how you developed a love for reading?

I do. My Dad always had a book on the go, so I was made aware of reading from an early age and my parents would always include books in my birthday and Christmas gifts. When I was at school, I used to really enjoy the "silent reading" time and would get through books really fast! When I was older, my Dad and I would visit the library together and both come out with piles of books each! 

2. What are some books you read as a child?

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by CS Lewis (which is still my absolute favourite!) and I used to love (and still do!) books by Roald Dahl, RL Stine (the Goosebumps series!) and the Point Horror books.

3. What is your favorite genre?

I think there's a lot of genres I really like; Biographies, Classics, Dystopian, YA, Crime, and Horror, but my favourite is probably wartime stories; that's thanks to my Dad! :)

4. Do you have a favourite novel?

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by CS Lewis.

5. Where do you usually read?

In my room or sometimes, if I want peace and quiet, I go for a drive and there's a viewpoint near me with beautiful views and I'll sit there and read, especially so on really nice days.

6. When do you usually read?

At night-time or when I'm winding down.

7. Do you usually have more than one book you are reading at a time?

I used to do this, but I got frustrated with myself as I would start so many books and not finish them because I was too excited to start a new one, so I try and be strict with myself and stick to one at a time - but it doesn't always work!!

8. Do you read non-fiction in a different way or place than you read fiction?

No I don't think so, I enjoy non-fiction as much as fiction so I read them as and when too.

9. Do you buy most of the books you read, or borrow them, or check them out of the library?

I don't very often borrow books from people as I don't know many who love to read as much as I do, but I did borrow the first Hunger Games book from someone I worked with so they introduced me to those way before the movie was even a rumour! 

Otherwise I get the majority of my books from a bargain bookshop that's an hour or so away from me, BookBarn International, amazing place that I spend far too long in! All books on the shopfloor are £1 too! 


I love the library too, and am a regular there aswell! 

10. Do you keep most of the books you buy?

A lot of them I do, but some I sometimes sell on, on Ebay. I swap on Read It, Swap It too. I have to as I run out of shelf space often! 

11. What are you reading now?

Ooh... What a Lovely Pair by Ant and Dec :)

12. Do you keep a TBR (to be read) list?

I keep a list of books I want to read, both on here and GoodReads, but I don't yet have a list of TBR books that are actually on my physical book shelf. I should do that.

13. What's next?

I often don't choose until I have finished what I'm currently reading as what I fancy reading changes so quickly! I'm eyeing Some Day I'll Find You by Richard Madeley though as I just bought it!

14. What books would you like to reread?

I've recently been wanting to re-read the Harry Potter series as I haven't read/watched them in what feels like an age. 

15. Who are your favourite authors?

Annie Groves

CS Lewis

Roald Dahl

JK Rowling

RL Stine

Charles Dickens

Karin Slaughter

Jennifer Worth

Suzanne Collins

Alice Sebold